Birds Eye Maple Veneer

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Reception desk using Birds Eye maple veneer cut into geometric patterns based on mean proportions.

Client Proctor and Stevens, Bristol.

Red Cherry & Walnut

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For the head office of the Clerical and Medical Insurance Company, this reception desk accommodates four receptionists and security guard.

Made in Red Cherry wood and walnut

Corian with Maple Lippings

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Reception counter for Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Corian was used for the front and top surfaces for it's properties of durability; with maple lippings and black linoleum work surfaces.

Bespoke Design

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The company logo colours of red and grey were incorporated into the design of this reception desk for the Percey Thomas, Architects London office.

Reception Desk

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Patented and polished copper sheet were used for this reception counter with glass brick supports.

Client - Coda Architects, Bristol.

Folding Card Table

Boardroom Table
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The boardroom table is based on a traditional folding card table design. It sits four people when in its closed configuration, or 12 when opened. Materials - birdseye maple and rosewood inlay.

Client - Proctor and Stevens, Bristol